Modern Takes, Paganism

We are One.

So I was reading a book today at lunch, Mediterranean buffet, and it really jump started my brain in a sort of rant mode. Warning, this is possibly controversial and possible radical thinking. Proceed with Caution. That is, why do pagan authors today draw so many parallels between Pagan traditions and Christian traditions?  Let’s set… Read More We are One.

Modern Takes, Paganism

Salt of the Earth

The other day I walked into a store to just browse around. This store is known for good incense smells, groovy music, knick-knacks, and hippie clothing. With good intentions not to buy anything, I saw they were having a BOGO 50% off. Dang it! So after browsing enough I found a body oil that smells… Read More Salt of the Earth


Element of Spirit

With my soul connected to the four elements, I call upon and feel the most important one. The Element of Spirit. It is a void and a light. An energy that runs through each element and every being on the earth. We are all connected to each other and reflections of one another. The Element… Read More Element of Spirit