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5 Ways to Enhance Your Full Moon Rituals

So tonight or tomorrow depending on locale is July’s Full Moon. Of course, Texas is at a wonderful 94 degrees with it feeling like 104 degrees out.  So perhaps tonight you might observe the moon from inside a good air conditioned home.

I always try to promote mindfulness whenever possible. For me, mindfulness is being fully present in what you are doing and giving extra thought to what’s going on. It’s a sad truth that occasionally we will drive home from somewhere and not remember how we got there.
Scary stuff!

In this article,  I want to show you 5 ways of enhancing your moon ritual so it doesn’t feel like same old routine. Hopefully this can inspire you to breathe new life into your routine especially if you have found yourself stuck in a rut with rituals.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Moon Rituals

full moon rituals

1. Anoint Yourself with Oil

Sounds pretty simple? If its not part of your ritual it can be a great addition for preparing yourself to concentrate or for work. Find a favorite scent or even get a small bit of olive oil.

Touch a bit of oil to your forehead and then heart while reciting an affirmation or statement about what you want to manifest in your life. Such as:

Tonight, I release all blocks to health, prosperity, and love. My soul makes space for new blessings to come.

Note: Take care to properly dilute any essential oils you may use. Some, like clove oil is stronger than others.


2. Catch the Moon’s Reflection in a Bowl of Water.

I love doing this one because it forces some creativity on my part. I am lucky enough that if the moon is high enough in the sky at just the correct angle I can catch it in a bowl of water.  Of course this isn’t always possible for your space. I recommend observing a bowl of water anyways. Poke at it and see the rippling effect you get.

As the moon shifts from full to new to full, the tides rise and fall with it. I always find the full moon a good time to reconnect with the element of water.


3. Cook Something Special!

Take time to prepare a favorite dish or even a seasonal one! July is a good time for warm or golden herbs and spices like curry, turmeric, or saffron. Here is a good simple recipe for making your own saffron rice. I like to take my time grinding the saffron and putting my intentions in it. Just like with the affirmation, I can recite it internally or out loud.

full moon saffron


4. Extra Meditation Work!

For special occasions, I like to do a longer meditation than usual. It can be done before during or after ritual. I like to do breathing exercises in the middle of ritual to help cleanse myself.

First, I’ll start by breathing in on a count of four, hold for 2 counts, and exhale for four. This is my own rhythm. You may find a different one works for you. As you do this, imagine breathing in good, clean energy. Let it fill you with light and let it nourish your cells. When you exhale, imagine all the stress and worry from the day, or even past week leaving. Imagine it draining right out of you. Do this over and over until you feel clean and relaxed.


5. Create!

What fun way to celebrate a moon ritual than by creating something? Whatever your creative outlet is, be it coloring, painting, sewing, writing, music making, find anything that is creative for you and do it! Put all those relaxing good vibes behind it. Let yourself celebrate your cycle and be present in it.

full moon creative


Hopefully one or more of these things has inspired you for your next ritual!

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