About Me

About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my website Mother Earthkin. You may be new here or you may have poked around a bit and have decided to figure out more about me.

Well, that’s really hard to sum up, like most humans. We are incredibly complex creatures and to tell you my story would take hours. However, here is what I think is important.

I’m a 30 year-old adventurer, wife, mom-of-one, who by day is an accountant, a freelancer, a blogger, a martial artist, a craft hoarder, and a witch. By night, I’m still all those things, but I like to have a cup of something warm, with my family and friends at my home and hearth.

I started this blogging journey in the middle of summer in July 2017. My big idea and goal was to share. Share my story, share my knowledge. I want to be inspiring to someone. But finding a focus was hard. Do I only talk about witchery and leave the mundane behind? Do I share my financial success and blunders and leave out the wishes and spells?

The answer to those is a resounding NO. To cut parts of me out and leave them on floor would not paint the image of me, my lifestyle, or my experiences. If I left out those parts I would feel like a fraud. A big fake. So as Ruth from the wonderful Elite Blog Academy program said, “Own your story and own your journey.”

Sharing my experiences as all those things and the daily magic that surrounds each of the titles and each of the people is what I am all about.

So you’ll find everything here. Musings, recipes, tips and advice, how-tos, and more. Sit for a spell and don’t forget to bring something warm to drink!

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