About the Blog

Hello Reader! Hopefully you have found your way to my page because you are an inspired seeker looking for newer, more modern twists to good old spirituality.

If you aren’t that person, don’t panic! It is my goal to encourage you to be a spiritual seeker. Forge your own path. Live your own truth. And do it in a way that suits your modern hectic schedule.

Within this blog, you will find the beginnings and foundation of creating your spiritual life. I hope to inspire you to create your own daily rituals and be your own spiritual medicine woman or man!

Using pictures, lists, diagrams and anecdotes, You, Seeker, will get a view into my life and how I walk the talk. Sometimes, I fail and sometimes things go sideways in amazing ways. It’s all how we look at it and how well we ride the waves of life.

My name is Beth and  I have been practicing Witchcraft and spiritual zen for 10 years.

I’m more mundane than I like and more in tune than I think.

I hope you find wonderful inspiration and information in this blog. Here, I talk about witchcraft practices, family life, and survival in the modern world. I’ve always called myself and my life a Work-In-Progress. I try to never stop learning and I never stop being fascinated with the world around me.

This blog is a way to document my life and hopefully reach others like myself to inspire and uplift. We are all humans on this wondrous planet.

So poke around! Start with the pages, subscribe to my blog, and see what inspires you.