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Baby Proofing for 6-9 Month Olds

We’ve reached one of my most anticipated and yet dreaded milestones. He has learned how to crawl! Send help and all the foam padding!

This freedom-type milestone is incredibly emotional for me. My baby is less like a baby and closer to the toddler stage. After all, our goal as parents is to make ourselves obsolete. Typically this milestone isn’t reached so quickly but babies are odd like that. They will focus fire on a skill while ignoring all others.

At this point in the game, it’s all about exploration and control. If he wants to move or go somewhere he is capable of flexing his will.

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Making his room and play areas baby-proof is essential now. Since we are apartment living, we have to take some special considerations when “nailing” things to the walls.

  1. The very first thing we purchased were these wall plug covers. Everyone says not to get them or they aren’t as good as the sliding plate covers. I’m telling you they are lying. I can’t hardly pry one off. Little Bear won’t be getting through them any time soon.
  2. Next we got these straps to hold our crib and our dresser to the wall. While I have no doubts that the crib won’t fall over, the dresser was more of our worry since its more top heavy.
  3. We did some baby safety with bath time. One of Little Bear’s favorite tricks is to stand in the tub and bang his stacking cup around. With this bath mat, he has a much better grip when in the bath and with the faucet cover we can play pretend and make sure any sharp edges are covered.
  4. Install the hand rail for pull up practice. While this isn’t strictly a safety item, we knew we wanted a for sure easy way for Little Bear to practice pulling up and assist him in taking his first small steps. We can easily re-drill and move this bar to each height that is needed
  5. Metal Baby Gate Pretty self explanatory. We have a gate to his room to keep him corralled in a safe area. While we are not leaving him unsupervised at this time, it helps establish the boundary early on and (mostly) prevents the cats from laying all over everything in his room.
  6. Along with the baby gate came this door jam blocker to prevent pinched fingers. Again, while its not a life or death safety item it prevents those small ouches that can occur in the 5 seconds you turned around to get something to drink.


After running my wonderful husband ragged, we feel we are set (at least for now) on our baby proofing. Just a couple of small items and a dose of creativity and now Little Bear can exercise his will and freedom within reason. Till next time, Loves!


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