Top Five Registry Items for New Moms

Okay, so you or someone you know is expecting a bundle of joy and like we all do you went to the internet to research and find lists. Perfect! Except there’s a million lists and opinions. Who knows which is right and which will be THE perfect list for you?

Take a deep breath and drop your shoulders for a minute.

I’ll warn you right now; no list is perfect. No product is perfect. Truthfully, finding what works for your little one is going to be a bit of trial and error and raw gut intuition. Okay, a LOT of trials and they change the rules without notice. (I have 4 different types of bottles and 3 different brands of sippy cups. Only one bottle brand has worked so far.) I promise you I’m in it as well.

With all that said, I am going to pitch my list at you because it’s what worked for us. In those 3am research moments, I found all these various items and eventually landed on what worked for my kiddo. (Also, doing trades with other moms can help too.) They say variety is the spice of life so hopefully my list is slightly different than the last you read. If it is the same, well, then that’s just two people who agree that this item is a good product.

Read below for my top five registry items. This list does not include the big items like car seats or cribs. Those items are obvious needs and really deserve their own post and attention. Let me tell you of my not so obvious needs in those early days.

(Disclaimer: Below are some affiliate links which means if you choose to buy I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see my Privacy and Disclosure Policy for more details.)


SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

This was the easiest one for us to use with our Little Bear. The nurses at the hospital were geniuses at swaddling with a blanket. We laughably struggled and struggled at home to do the same. (We had a ton of blankets from our shower.) Some time, a day after he was home, we went out and bought 2 packs of these. He loved it! He also lived in them for at least 3 weeks. Then until he could rollover, he would sleep in them. So worth it!


Leachco Podster!

There are a couple of versions of the podster. Leachco makes this one. Boppy makes another. The most stable one we found was the Leachco. It is not a cheap item ($50!) but we used it for months and even now he likes it as a sitting item and pillow. It is *not* designated as sleep safe, however we definitely used it for a nap or two when it was the only thing that would keep him asleep besides our arms.


Munchkin Silicone Spoons!

While this was not an immediate need, these spoons became very useful even before baby food. He loved grabbing and manipulating these spoons. And because they are so soft and flexible it also worked in the place of a teething ring. (Most of which, he was not a fan of!)


WubbaNub Pacifier!

We, like most parents, thought we would have a plan. Little Bear and I were establishing our breastfeeding pattern and all the experts say, no bottles or pacifiers early on. They cause the dreaded “nipple confusion”. Luckily for us, Little Bear was flexible enough to switch from bottle to breast to pacifier and back. The only pacifier he liked was the Advent Soothie which is what is attached to the WubaNub. A lifesaver when he needed a soothing technique other than my breasts. (Some nights were owie.)


Boppy Nursing Pillow!

Whether you breastfeed or formula feed this pillow was a lifesaver on our arms when holding our little one.  It was easy to transport places or tuck around an armchair or bedpost. My husband’s youngest brother is 17 but had no experience with babies. We could easily tuck this around him and train him on how to hold our little one. A later use of this pillow was for tummy time practice and sitting up practice!

So whether you are a mom looking for answers or just a great friend or family member looking for registry ideas, I hope my list helped you! These items were key life savers for our little family. They are also items with multiple functions which suits my frugal sensibilities very nicely.

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