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Under a Harvest Moon

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As we move closer and closer to the Autumn Equinox, our Moon rises closer and closer to sunset. This has given the Full Moon in September the name Harvest Moon. At this time, we are slowly losing the precious daylight we need to bring in our harvests. Fruits and grains are plentiful at this time and even more can be brought in because the half to full moon rises just when we need her.

But what makes a Harvest Moon different than most others?

According to The Almanac usually, throughout the year, the Moon rises an average of about 50 minutes later each day. But near the autumnal equinox, the difference is only 30 minutes. Also,the Full Harvest Moon rises at sunset and then will rise near sunset for several nights in a row because the difference is at a yearly minimum.

Spiritually, this moon is important to us because it is all about preparation for winter. The birds fly south. Bears start their feast for hibernation and squirrels tuck away what they can. Ideally you’d check your gutters and clear them out. You would check your heating and AC and insulation. Are you prepared for harsher weather? Are you prepared for the dark half of the year? Use the remaining daylight and spectacular moonlight to clear out your clutter (Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically) and re-frame your coming winter and coming year.

Not sure where to start for “winterizing” your life?

  1.  Clear the clutter of old paperwork!
    • Start with the mail and coupon pile that may have grown over the past few months. Throw out anything not needed any more or any expired coupons. File or store any cards you may have received or if they don’t hold happiness or value for you feel free to toss them. You aren’t obligated to keep them.


  2. Start pulling out fall clothes and blankets!
    • I like to get out my leggings and boots at this time and make sure they’re in good shape for the coming months. Usually my boots need some conditioning or repair and usually the blankets could use a good wash before being used.


  3. If you have a house, its time to repair and keep clean up!
    • If there are any house repairs that have been put off now’s the time to list them and get to them! No one wants to be outside in freezing cold or rain trying to clear out gutters or trying to make roofing repairs.
    • It also time to think about your gardening as well. Some summer flowers will be dying off soon and the time to plant gourds is getting close. Plan for pumpkin season!


  4. Deep clean the interior!
    • Fall preparing also includes cleaning things that we don’t get on a weekly basis. I like to clean my curtains, wall hangings, and windows at this time. You could make a nice wash with lemongrass and orange essential oils diluted in vinegar and water.


  5.  Donate old items!
    • Since I’m going through fall clothing and blankets at this time I can easily gather up the items I didn’t use throughout the year. I usually make a donation box and take any items at the end of the week over to Goodwill or the local women’s shelter near my home.


Magically Cleaning Up

While working in your home, it is a good idea to clean and revamp your altar. Take off what no longer suits you and don’t be afraid to rearrange for what resonates with your soul. This is about what you and your family needs for surviving winter.

When creating any washes, I set an intention of peace and abundance through winter. It’s also a good idea to set an intention of protection from cold, illness, and strife for the long winter months. It has helped my family stave off the cabin fever or winter blues.

All these nesting procedures have fulfilled my soul in preparation for Fall and Winter.

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