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Why Pretty Litter is Actually Amazing

So, you may or may not have heard of this new phenomenon called Pretty Litter. Once or twice, it has probably popped up on your Facebook newsfeed or even on a various ad or two when scrolling through your favorite blog.

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Pretty Litter is a once a month delivery of highly specialized cat litter. Now, I know what you may be thinking. It’s litter. They go pee and poop in it and it’s a huge mess that you have to clean. Why would you buy a special one?

Below are my top 5 reasons that I am in love with Pretty Litter.

Reason 1: For Their Health.

PrettyLitter is a highly specialized formula of litter that looks pinkish and stays that way pretty much the whole time. However, if your little one is has a bladder infection or kidney failure, the compounds in PrettyLitter will change from the pink color to bright blue or green. It can also change orange or red if a different type of urinary tract infection is occuring. And it changes instantly! Several customers have stated how they never knew their kitten was having an issue until using this litter. It’s saving lives.

Reason 2. For Your Health.

This litter uses non-clumping crystals to absorb urine. Clay litter often contains bentonite which will expand when in contact with liquid. This clay gets everywhere and often sticks to cats paws. Pretty Litter is less dusty and does not produce as much waste as clay litter. Bonus? It’s 80% lighter than any bag of clay litter.

Reason 3. Less Odor and Mess to Clean

The crystals in PrettyLitter are very efficient at keeping odors contained and eliminating urine. This means that you only have poop to scoop when cleaning your box! It has been a real life saver around our house when there’s already a very limited time to do chores.

Reason 4: Save Money Each Month

Cat litter is one of those once or twice a month buys that can be hard to track. We are a two cat household and we were spending about $50 dollars a month in litter alone!

I love them but man, can pets get expensive quick! That’s why when I found PrettyLitter I wanted to give it a try immediately.

For a once a month delivery, that comes with 2 bags of PrettyLitter, I pay $39. An $11 savings may not be a big deal to you but not only am I saving on a litter that seems to do everything; I am also having it delivered to me. I don’t have to guess if we need litter or not when I’m out at the store with my son in tow.

Reason 5: You Owe it To Yourself and Your Furbabies.

You owe it to yourself to make your life a little easier and little more stress-free. Unfortunately, our fur babies are really good at hiding when something’s wrong. Often times, we’ll discover their issue too late. However with this litter, you don’t have to question your baby’s health. And what’s more? The litter is cleaner and safer for them and for you to have in your home.

Still not sure? Here is a link to 10% off  your first order! You can give it a whirl and see why I’m raving about it.

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